Industrial automation, electrical
engineering & project management.

Full automation life cycle planning and integration to ensure the
assets of our customers are safe, reliable and sustainable.

We are a vendor independent organization that harnesses the experience of recognized industry professionals to meet our customers' business objectives. We are the convergence of leading industry knowledge, experience and technology application to deliver the most challenging and demanding projects.
Project Management Expertise
Our project management team has extensive experience leading and managing complex projects to successfully deliver technology solutions within a multidisciplinary program. This includes delivery and oversight of projects and programs in excess of $1B as well as risk management and complex interface management between our customers, vendors and service providers.
Contract Flexibility & Deliverable Based Pricing
Our financial strength and experience enable us to provide our customers with a wide range of project pricing and delivery methods. For customers requiring cost certainty in project execution, our rigorous and lean project execution methodology combined with a deliverable based pricing approach allows us to deliver projects on budget.

InnoTech Engineering is in the business of helping our customers succeed.

Whether we are designing new control systems or modifying existing control systems, our team is driven to deliver solutions that meet the safety, environmental and asset management demands of our customers.

Evolution of Technology
In the complex world of automation, it is challenging for our customers to attract and retain the necessary expertise to manage and mitigate technology risks. As a result, it is easy to get ‘locked in time’ by taking a passive approach to technology management vs. a proactive risk-based approach. Technology is rapidly changing and there is increasing pressure for our customers to drive competitiveness while not jeopardizing the safety of people, the environment or facility assets. InnoTech Engineering aids our customers in managing and mitigating the risks in their existing or future control system design through the enablement and correct application of mature and leading edge technology.
Network Security
Managing network security and network intrusion risk is becoming increasingly complicated and sophisticated. Safely and securely bridging the gap between the internet, business enterprise network and the plant control network is essential. Our engineers are experienced in analyzing existing systems and designing new systems which bring fully integrated solutions to minimize network security risks at all levels.
Cost Certainty
It is challenging to remain competitive in the current environment which means our customers are facing unprecedented pressure to accomplish more with less. InnoTech Engineering has an extremely low overhead model combined with a lean project delivery model that enables us to not only be price competitive but provide our customers the assurance that they will not be faced with untenable cost escalation issues.
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